Hello readers,

Welcome to the groceronamission blog.

This is the first of many blog posts that will both educate and provide value to consumers of grocery products — you — about products and the supermarket industry in general. This blog will also serve as a place for you to share your thoughts about grocery products as we go a mission to save food and the industry.

Groceries is a necessity to living. We eat and enjoy it. We savor it. We need it for fuel our bodies as well to energize and nourish us… and so on.  Groceries are also expensive. Your hard earned money goes to supermarkets to buy groceries on a daily basis. You spend thousands of $ dollars each year on groceries.

Did you know in a typical grocery store there can upwards to 40,000 items sold. Well, that is a large number and did you a small percentage of food gets damaged, ruined, expires, and is tossed out everyday. And there are tens of thousands of stores that discard food each day. What would happen if grocers and supermarkets can improve the efficiency to control the waste of food? It could result in better profits for the retailer, but also lower prices for you, perhaps.

The grocery business is constantly changing. Due to fierce competition for the consumers dollars supermarkets are constantly looking for ways to improve how to sell and attract you to come to go to your local supermarket. Changing shelves with new products or moving products to other aisles, or by offering deals like buy one get one (BOGO) to lure your in to get a great deal and fill up your cart or buggy with other goods.

So my question to you is this: How can supermarkets preserve food and minimize damages  that result in wasted food. Not like clothing where we can sew it or replace it a food item that expires cannot be sold and is lost for good. Wasted food affects everybody.

Operating a supermarket is a big deal. We will discuss why in this blog. From a micro level to focusing on specific product as well as the industry in general.

I know about the industry because I work in a supermarket for over four years as well as being a conscious consumer of grocery goods. I sell groceries, stock shelves, unload trucks, rotate food, etc. Some would say I am a grocery clerk, but I would kindly disagree, and call myself a food broker, — someone who helps connect customers with food products to fulfill your needs.

Can you think of things that you like about grocery shopping or things you can’t stand in a supermarket and scratch your head why they do the things they do.

Again, welcome to the blog. Hope you enjoy and get value from it!